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   FHS Servicemen's Memorial Page    

A space to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for liberty and freedom!

If the serviceman's class is not listed, he attended Fairfield but did not graduate.

Some information on this page extracted from 'A History of Fairfield High School, Fairfield, Alabama, 1921-1956' by Joseph Mitchell ('44) 

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David Wright, Class of 1937, World War II

2nd Lieutenant, Marine Corps

Iwo Jima , March 1945








 Milton Taylor, Class of 1934, World War II

Private, U. S. Army








 Billy DeBardeleben, Class of 1939, World War II

Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps, Navigator

Germany, January 1944







 John R. Foss, Class of 1942, World War II

Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Force

714th Bomber Squadron, 448th Bomber Group, Heavy

Friday, May 19, 1944








Ralph Ray, Class of 1934, World War II

Aviation Cadet, U. S. Army

Texas, 1943






 George Pissanos, Class of 1940, World War II

Private Frist Class, U. S. Army







Picture not available

 Eugene E. White, Class of 1940, World War II






 William Leslie Patrick, Class of 1939, World War II

Private First Class, U.S. Marine Corps

Iwo Jima, March 4, 1945

PFC Patrick's Obituary was sent to us from Ms Cindy Burtt from California. Her husband's father served with PFC Patrick and promised, after PFC Patrick's death, to name his son after him. Leslie Patrick Burtt's father kept his promise.







 Jack Graddy, Class of 1948, Korea

U. S. Army, Private First Class

February 15, 1951







 Chester Peak, Class of 1944, Word War II

Merchant Marine







 Jimmy Emfinger, Class of 1945, Word War II

Seaman, 1st Class, U. S. Navy









 Jasper Clark , World War II

Seaman, 1st Class, U.S. Navy

Gibert Isands, November 1943







Carsten B. Sahlman, Class of 1933, World War II

Captain, U. S. Army 





Picture not available


 Pettus Bruner, World War II

Technician, Fourth Grade, U. S. Army

South Pacific, September 1943





Picture not available


 Morgan Reed Jones, World War II

Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class, U. S. Navy

Noth Atlantic, March 1944





Picture not available

 Charles W. Mauldin, World War II

Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army

October 1943




Picture not available

Nick Pissanos, World War II




Ronnie Vago Rogers, Class of 1966, Viet Nam

Specialist 4, U S Army

Offshore, Military Region 1, South Vietnam,  January 5, 1971









Grover Windham, Class of 1938, Carribean 

Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy

Hurricane Janet, September 26, 1955



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