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Class of 1965 50th Reunion

Pictures from 1964 50th Reunion

2012 'Last Man Standing' Reunion (Class of 1969)

Band Reunion 2011

 Pictures from 1964 30th Reunion

Pictures from 1959 50th Reunion - 2009  

Pictures from the 1950 Reunion 

Pictures from the 1960/1961 50 th Reunion

Pictures from the 1970 40th Reunion

Pictures from the 1971 40th Reunion

1969 10th Reunion



Class of 1951 50th Reunion - 2001 *



Friends Forever Reunion 2008 **


Friends Forever Reunion 2009 ***


Class of 1950 - 60th Reunion - 2010

Class of 1970 - 40th Reunion - 2010


Basketball Friends Forever Reunion 2010 ****



Class of 1960/1961 50th Reunion



Class of 1959 50th Reunion



Class of 1964 30th Reunion


Class of 1967 40th Reunion



Band Reunion - 2011



2011 Friends Forever Reunion



1971 40th Reunion



1969 10th Reunion

* Marvin Gober, Ken Mauldin, Walter Cox, Zora Thomas Puckett, Ted Woodsides, Barbara Elwell Key, Katie Bates Scogins, Dot Maples Woodsides,  Barbara Bridges Smith, Yvonne Marsh Fortner, Virginia James Cain, Bill Register, Ed Lusk, Louis Hayes, Robbie Jean Gray Bauer, Johnny Catsban, Betty Allen Withee, Mary Elizabeth Thomas Coe, Tom Earp, Harold Thrasher, Jim Prince, Jack Lampkin

**Left to right top  Donnie Phillips, Coach Lutz, John McCarver, Roland Nelson, David Zeigler, George Shoemaker, Tommy Shelton, Claude Hollyfield, Wayne Williams - Left to right bottom 3 Rocky Plaia, Ronnie Cater, Sonny Downs

 *** From left to right:   John McCarver, Sonny Downs, Marvin Price, Sam Sox, Ronnie Cater, Frank White, David Zeigler, Coach Wilson, George Shoemaker (host), Coach Lutz, Tommy Shelton, Terry Baggett, Wayne Williams, Claude Hollyfield, Rocky Plaia, and Roland Nelson.

**** From left to right : Marvin Price, Wayne Williams, Claude Hollyfield, Rocky Plaia, Tommy Shelton, David Zeigler, Frank White, George Shoemaker, Coach & Mrs. Lutz, Jerry Samson, Ronnie Cater, John McCarver, Donnie Phillips.



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