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Faifield High School Band over the years

Click here for Band video (no sound) - Fall of 1969 

Click here for Band Audio - Fall 1969 Competition

1959 Band Pictures

1968 Band Trip to Phoenix, AZ 

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1939 Band - W.H.Winkenhoffer, Director

(Maude Nunn in this picture to the left - listed as the Music Supervisor)



1940 Band - W.H. Winkenhoffer, Director;  Alumnus Bush Mumpower, Drillmaster

(Bush Mumpower pictured lower right)



1943 Band - W.H. Winkenhoffer, Director;  Bush Mumpower, Drillmaster

(W.H. Winkenhoffer pictured lower right, Bush Mumpower lower left)



1947 Band - Tribute to W.H. Winkenhoffer - Jim Cost, the new director 




1955 Band - Eugene C. Jordan, Director



1961 Band - Alumnus Lindsey Murdock, Director (lower right)




1967 Band - Don Cornutt, Director (middle right)



1970 Band, Sid Garwood, Director (center front)

Band Directors


W.H Winkenhoffer

1930's and 1940's


Bush Mumpower

1930's and 1940's



Eugene  C. Jordan

1948-mid 50's


Lindsey Murdock


Don Cornutt



Sid Garwood


John Taylor










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