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1970 Crucible

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FHS Friends - Nov 16, 2010

Greg Bearden, Nancy Malone (Weems), Sharon Williams (Biro), Mike Perkins - all 1970



FHS Friends - Nov 16, 2010

Tommy Findley ('69), Karen Corbell (Thom) ('71), George Thom ('70), Kenneth Harris ('70)


Every Month or So - March 29, 2011

Tommy Carpenter, Mike Perkins, Kenneth Harris, Benita Brooks Bowen ('69), Sharon Williams Biro, Kay Tucker Knight ('69), Lynn Griffin


David Dockery ('70), wife Lanese, and family


1970 Prom Invitation

Two Jodys

Jody Lovoy 1970 (left) and 2009 (right)


Roger Benson ('70) and wife Cindy back in the day

1970 Graduation Program

1970 Graduation Program


Billy Reese, Mike Perkins, William Floyd around 1970


1970 Farewell Banquet


Sharon Williams - 1969-70 Majorette


1970 Jr. Civitan Officers

(L-R Lynn Griffin, David White, Kenneth Harris, Mike Dowling, George Thom)


Sharon Williams ('70) and Dixie Dawson ('71) at Band Camp Summer 1969




Sid Garwood (band director '68-70) with Mike Perkins-2010


Dan Tiller ('71), Singer Mark Lindsay, Billy Reese ('70), Kenneth Harris ('70)


Billy Reese, Mike Perkins,Kenneth Harris and Sharon Sims (Willeford) at Oct. 2010 FHSAA Luncheon



Choir Competition, May  1968

Sherri Williams, Becky Webb ('69), Melodie Knight, Debbie Baker


Choir Competition, May 1968

Susan Beall, Joyce White,Susan Counts, Brenda Frederick, Nancy Powell - all Class of '70


Starting on back row from left to right - Carol Varden, Florence Pritchett, Donna Wood, Harriett Short, (now front) Sharon Williams, Vickie Almon, Sherry Segrest, Sandra Cox, Debbie Northcutt, and Kathy Summerville.




From Sandra Cox .... Senior Ring Order form (click for larger)






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